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Welcome to Kareus Therapeutics

Kareus Therapeutics is a Biopharmaceutical company that discovers and develops novel small molecule as mono- or combination therapy for unmet treatment of age-related and chronic diseases. Our core expertise and current focus is on diseases of Central Nervous System, Diabetes & Chronic Pain management.

Our discovery strategy is to target molecular and gene expression pathways using proprietary chemistry and biology platforms and generate drug candidates with distinct product profile. Kareus’ scientific team’s proven track record and recognized leadership helps propel molecules from exploratory through milestone discovery phases in a time and cost effective manner.

We differentiate ourselves as follows:
Differentiated Product Profile: We strive to achieve product profile that can differentiate it self in the market place as well as be complementary to standard of care.
Leveraging global networks: Maximize utilization of our investments by using a global networks of high quality preferred CRO’s.
Early strategic partnerships : Our business strategy is to form early strategic alliances with Pharmaceutical companies, which have the complementary skills to maximize the business and therapeutic potential of our molecules.